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Our child care history in Pensacola

Sand Castle Academy Parent Testimonials
Kerry Kust(owner/director)has always had a lifelong love for children. As a teenager she would babysit neighbor's children. Her first job was at a local child care facility. She received her degree in Pre-Primary/Early Chilhood education. After being a nanny in Hawaii for two years and a licensed family child care provider in Escambia County for 8 years, Kerry Kust realized her dream of opening a child care center.

On February 13, 2006 Kerry and Darryl Kust opened the doors of Sand Castle Academy, and held a license for 29 children. Over the next few months as enrollment numbers grew they completed construction on the adjacent building. On August 1, 2006 with constuction complete, they received a license for 75 children.

The orginal building was dedicated to infant and toddler classrooms. The second building was dedicated to preschool classrooms. Kerry's next major goal was to become a Gold Seal center. After a year of intense improvements to every aspect of the child care program Sand Castle Academy was awarded the Gold Seal Quality of Care and became Apple Accredited on June 23, 2009. Kerry than began to realize the need for after school care in the local community. Construction began on a 2,200 square foot school age addition and new kitchen facility.

The grand opening occured on August 1, 2011. The licensed capacity of Sand Castle Academy is currently 121 children. Kerry is the on site Director that maintains an active role in the daily operations of the facility, while Darryl manages the maintenance aspect. Sand Castle Academy prides itself on the excellent staff retention rate and nurturing environment provided to all children in care. Kerry and Darryl hope to provide quality child care and an educational program to thousands more children for many years to come.

Our Philosophy

At Sand Castle we strive to provide a challenging and stimulating environment that encourages children to learn through "hands on" experiences and exploration. Children develop a sense of self worth and a greater knowledge base through individual and group play. Each child has unique developmental needs, and are supported at their own pace through our educational curriculum. When given guidance and understanding by our nurturing staff, children will have multiple opportunties to discover their world of wonder and imagination in a safe and controlled program.
Sand Castle Academy
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